The balloons are up, the cake is ready to be eaten and the champagne ready to be uncorked- the only thing missing is you. Today is the day I celebrate my birthday!

As I get closer to 30, each birthday feels like even more of a special milestone in life (like every birthday, I think), and I wish I could be celebrating it with you! I wish we were sharing experiences, enjoying a tasting menu somewhere around the world and exploring new cities and cultures. (If you want to do that, feel free to check out my FMTY 101 series here). But don’t worry, I’m having a lovely day at home today relaxing in the sunshine and eating plenty of birthday cake (don’t worry I will save you a slice), before a lovely dinner out with a special someone tonight❤️


It’s been a while since my last blog and a bit of a whirlwind few months since my move to Europe, so a good catch-up is definitely needed! I’m loving the culture and all Europe has to offer- the slower pace of life, the variety of foods, the beautiful weather and I’ve even picked up some old hobbies of mine! I went to a paint and sip class recently and it felt so good to be back painting again, something I haven’t done in almost a decade! Been swept away on several lovely FMTYs as well- on twitter you’ll see my Italy and Japan adventures!



Of course, if you follow me on social media you will see I launched my new Onlyfans page and it’s adding some nice variety alongside the amazing rendezvous I have with my lovely suitors! Just adding another dimension of fun and precious memories to look back on. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with everyone during our time apart.

To celebrate my birthday I’m giving away 30 free month trials to the first 30 who DM me on my Onlyfans page, all you have to do is message me on there with the word FREE!! I’ve even got a fun party game running over there called “Tip for Tits”, so get yourself across and lets share a few giggles.


My 28 Favorite Things for My 28th Year:

I feel like life is all about the experiences we share with others and the memories we create along the way. For me, my favorite things in life are those that bring me joy and make me feel alive. I love long train journeys, exploring different cities and cultures through traveling, enjoying delicious tasting menus with friends, screaming my head off in a horror-themed escape room or a water park, and of course sharing all these experiences with laughter. These are the moments that I cherish most in life; moments of pure bliss and joy.

So in celebration of my 28 circles around the sun, these are my top 28 favorite things:

  1. Long romantic train journeys
  2. Escape Rooms
  3. Everything Horror
  4. Tasting Menus
  5. Traveling
  6. Gaming
  7. Food Tours
  8. Neck kisses
  9. The Magnus Archives (my absolute favorite podcast)
  10. Rompers and Jumpsuits
  11. Bubble tea (particularly cheese tea) and matcha
  12. Matching lingerie sets (think matching garters and choker/other accessories to go with the bra & panties!)
  13. Extra strong vibrators
  14. Getting on a plane and remembering I have a lay flat seat
  15. Houseplants
  16. Chocolate
  17. Cuddles
  18. Bubble baths for 2 (or 3, or 4…)
  19. Food markets and farmer’s markets
  20. Cheese
  21. Conventions
  22. Kissing boys, girls, and everyone in between
  23. A cool breeze on a warm spring day
  24. Watching a thunderstorm from a front porch
  25. Berry picking (and then making treats with them afterwards!)
  26. Waterparks
  27. Feeding each other
  28. Getting lost in an amazing conversation

So let’s celebrate my 28th birthday and the next year while we make the most of it! Let’s go out on dates and explore all that life has to offer us. Let’s create memories that we can look back on fondly for years to come. Here’s wishing for an amazing year ahead! Cheers 🥂

And if you’re overwhelmed by the possibility of a FMTY, I’ve got your back! As a long-time travel companion with more than a few FMTY under my belt now (see a few of my favorites listed here) and having a whole a blog series about them, I’m here and ready to help out! Check out FMTY 101 here for your full start-to-finish guide!

Want to read about more of my favorite dates? Check out my twitter, or see a list of my favorites here.


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