The Redheaded Duo of Your Dreams


Welcome to our bedroom. Well- our bedrooms all across the Mid-Atlantic and the world, should you be up for the adventure of joining us anywhere and everywhere. 



The only thing we’re more obsessed with than playing with you, is with each other. Won’t you join us? Come play with fire.

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Our Story

Josi and Elle first met on a crisp October evening, standing outside of a darling New York City hotel. They clicked immediately, sensing something trustworthy within each other. That trust grew into friendship, and then something a bit… sweeter than that. We met that night to go home with a certain gentleman of our fancy, and ended our night after going home together.

What are you like together?

Josi has a quick wit, and is fast to grin, laugh, and tease. Elle is more of a sweetheart, offering bright-eyed smiles as soon as she sees you appear on the doorstep.

Together, we’re a duo guaranteed to keep you on your toes with our matching ivory skin, red locks, and winsome personalities. Where Elle has a few classy tattoos, Josi has spatterings of freckles.

Sweetness and spice, the fire of our locks and the taste of everything nice.

Where are you located?

We’re both available up and down the east coast– we simply adore traveling together, whether it’s by car, train, or plane! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be surrounded by two beautiful redheads, we’re the pair for you. 😉

At home, Elle is based in NYC whereas Josi is based in Northern Jersey. But with how many nights we spend in each other’s beds, locations get a bit blurred.


  • 1 hour 1600
  • 90 min 2400
  • 2 hours 3200
  • 3 hours 4000
  • 4 hours 5000
  • 6 hours 6000
  • Overnight 10,000
  • 24 Hours 13,000
  • Contact us for more extended dates and travel dates.

Add +300 to cover our hotel room if we host. These rates are total, for both of our company.

Date Ideas

We’re a pair who showcase variety quite well, redhead chameleons.

We love to spend time in, time out and about, time relaxing and time experiencing. Oh yes, and time in.

  • Game Night We get competitive at games both digital and physical, and are both experienced tabletop game players. Set up a one off or routine DnD game with us, play strip poker with us, or maybe we can team up against you in Mario Party.
  • Dinner and a show Have we told you how much we love dressing up? We both look beautiful in silk gowns, and would have a wonderful time accompanying you to a meal at La Grenouille before a night at the theater or Chamber Magic. Or maybe we join you for drinks at Thyme Bar, before toasting some bubbly in our bubble bath back at the suite.

What are your favorite things?

Obviously, seeing each other.

But outside of that-

  • We both love the spa, especially Aire Ancient Baths.
  • We both really really love baths in general, actually. You’re one step closer to our endless affection if you reserve us a hotel with an extra large soaking tub.
  • We love unique and interesting experiences. Hot air balloons, fairs of all types, new museums, new foods, new sights.
  • Josi especially loves:
    • the theater, any and all of it
  • Elle especially loves:
    • kitschy restaurants and events