Maybe you’re too busy for traditional dating, or maybe you just want to make sure you have a standing spot in my calendar.

I love when I can devote myself more fully to someone that I see regularly, reliably, that’s interested in really getting to know me and building something beautiful. All the benefits of having a significant other, minus the strings. The only long-term commitment is a financial one. I offer exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements.

Note that to me, arrangements aren’t about discounts or “more for less”, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this won’t work for you. Arrangements are about dependability and reliability for both of us, and a deeper connection and bond together. Growth together.

Non exclusive arrangements: What we do in our time away isn’t a concern for you, but you want to deepen our relationship and make sure my schedule always has a place for you. This type of arrangement gives you a standing appointment on my calendar and priority over new bookings.

Exclusive Arrangements: If you’d like to see each other exclusively, my ads come down and I stop seeing all other clients. That gives me and us the time to develop something completely beautiful, without the pressures of me making time for other suitors in my schedule.

Arrangements are only available to clients I’ve seen before for at least two extended meetings. The fees must be prepaid in cash to me at our next meeting for a period of three-month increments only, with the exception of exclusive/highly in-depth arrangements which will require a one month trial period before commitment to the first three month increment.

Please reach out to my assistant with the following info:

1. Why do you prefer an ongoing arrangement?

2. Have you had a monthly arrangement before? If so, here’s where to give a brief coverage of what it was and how it went. How long did the arrangement last? What were the logistics- how often did you meet? Was it local or with travel? What were the financial terms?

3. Do you prefer to meet more frequently for shorter dates, or less frequently for longer dates?

4. Would there be travel involved?

5. How flexible or tight is your schedule, and how far in advance do you typically know availability?

6. What type of arrangement and investment level are you looking for? Each arrangement is custom built, ranging anywhere from $1k non-exclusive monthly commitment you would have a standing 1.5 hour booking on my calendar, to $20k+ where it would be an exclusive arrangement with several multi-day travel trips monthly, with larger flexibility and connection between visits. -and everything inbetween-

7. Anything else that would be important for me to know before discussing said arrangement?