Things to Remember…

This page is a compilation of frequently asked questions, booking/etiquette need-to-know’s and fine print. It’s very important that you take the time to read through all of it, so that we can best understand each other! (And save time that we could spend getting to know each other in more special ways.)

Spend some time with a good glass of wine to find out even more about me and our time together here.



Before Meeting

How do I contact you about setting up a date?

You actually won’t be contacting me, you’ll be contacting my assistant. After reading through this page and looking through my engagements, you can head over to the contact page to see which info you’ll need to send to her (screening information, type of engagement and time, etc). Afer you’ve scheduled a time, passed screening and sent over your deposit she will send your contact info over to me and we can talk from there!

Please keep all discussion between my assistant Emily and yourself professional, and the same rule goes for conversation between you and I as well. Neither of us will discuss anything sexual/lewd/inappropriate with you, and any attempt to do so will end the possibility of us seeing each other and will end the correspondence betwen us.

You really have an assistant? But I just want to talk to you!

Unfortunately I don’t have half as much free time as I’d like!

I’m also very choosy and am primarily a dining and travel type companion. I choose to keep my circle small, and only see a few suitors per month. I most enjoy time with people who are patient and looking for something more substantial than just a roll-in-the-hay.

Having an assistant that handles initial communication makes sure that I can save the spare time I’d spend screening suitors, talking schedules or receiving deposits and makes sure I can focus that time on other needs.

After Emily handles initial screening/scheduling and receives your deposit, she passes you on to me and we can talk from there! 

Thanks for understanding.

Why do I have to go through screening? Do you keep my information private?

I can understand how this part can be a bit nervewracking! You have my utmost promise that I’m absolutely discreet and private with your screening information and it is not shared with anyone besides my assistant. Your privacy is important to me.

Screening is an essential part of this process for my safety in meeting a stranger for the first time. I do what bare minimum I can to ensure both of us being safe in this process, and my screening questions are fairly standard among the industry.

Verification via screening and deposit is non-negotiable, and if you do have any issue with the screening questions listed on the contact page I will not be able to see you.

What deposits do you require, and what payment methods do you accept for deposits?

My time is valuable, and by scheduling a time to see you I turn down other opportunities and dedicate that time in my schedule completely to you and no one else. Deposits show that both of us are serious, and are essential for me to set aside time for you. 

I require a 20% deposit for all standard appointments in my local area. If you’re not local but within 3 hours of me, a 30% deposit is required. If this is a FMTY engagement, a 50% deposit is required. 

As far as payment methods, my preferred method for deposit is  cash app. Cash inserted in a book or small gift and overnighted to my p.o. box is also an option along with Bitcoin. You can also inquire about Amazon or Visa gift cards as I occasionally accept those.

All deposits must be received and cleared my account within 48 hours of any local or semi-local engagement, and within 5 days for any FMTY travel engagement. The engagement won’t be on my calendar until a deposit is received (meaning if someone else reaches out for that time with a deposit first, I will be seeing them instead of you)


Do you accept same-day engagement requests?

I very rarely allow same-day requests, simply as they’re not often possible and I like to prepare my days well ahead of time. Waiting for deposits to clear, taking the time to verify you with your screening information, as well as plain old busy schedule makes same-day requests difficult.

$300 extra is required for same-day engagement requests.

A note on social and private time for longer engagements

I’m not the companion for rushed engagements. Those that spend time with me should be interested in something more substantial than just a quick romp, and my rates reflect as such.

Also to reflect that, all engagements 4 hours or longer require at least 2+ hours of public time outdoors. I’m interested in getting to know you besides just in the bedroom, and I’d hope you’re interested in the same for me.

I’m happy to recommend a delicious local restaurant to check out, or love strolling walks downtown, museums, concerts, festivals and more.


What's your cancellation policy?

Local/touring engagements that are cancelled within 48 hours of the arranged time will have their deposit held for a future engagement within 2 months.

Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the engagement will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Travel sessions need a minimum of 1 week’s cancellation and will have half of the deposit returned and the other held for a future engagement within 2 months.

In the event of a ‘no-show’, a 100% cancellation fee is required.

No further reschedule/rebooking with me will be accepted if you refuse to uphold my cancellation policy.

In the extremely rare event that I need to cancel for some reason, you will receive your full deposit back along with a sincere apology.

Can you host?

Yes I can! I now am sharing an incall location with a friend in NYC (Brooklyn). I can’t guarantee it’s always available, but when it is and if you’d like that we use it a $100 additional fee is added to the deposit.

If we’re meeting outside of NYC, if the incall isn’t available or you’re looking for upscale accommodations, I’m happy to book us a lovely room at a local hotel for us to meet for engagements. A $200 additional fee is added to the deposit.

Will you see couples? Do you do duos/trios/etc?

I’m happy to see either you and your amour or you and another companion (or more) of your choosing! 

I love spending time with women, so engagements with couples are some of my favorites. Please plan on an engagement of at least 1.5 hours and an additional $200/hour fee per extra person.

For duos/trios/etc- I have many friends all over the United States I love doing duos/trios/more with! I can recommend them, or if you have someone(s) specific in mind I’d be open to discussing that as well.

For duos/trios/etc I do request rate matching. The amount due to us will be the higher rate among the two of us. (For example, if my listed 2 hour rate is higher than their listed rate, you will pay both of us my listed rate. And vice versa if my partner has the higher rate.


Do you have restrictions on age/race/gender identity/etc?

I’m bisexual and love spending time with just about everyone! Your age, race or gender identity doesn’t matter to me.

The only stipulation that I make is that I don’t do engagements with anyone under the age of 21 (sorry, young collegiants.)


Will you do x, y and or z for me? Do you have a list of things you're comfortable with that I can see?

Every engagement I have is different and built upon personal chemistry and other factors. As such, I don’t discuss these things ahead of time or provide a ‘menu’. We can discuss these things in person upon meeting. 

Can you send me more pictures? Can I see your face?

I can promise that the pictures I’ve provided here (and that you can see in my galleryTwitter and Instagram) are more than sufficient in showcasing who I am.

For privacy reasons, I don’t share photos of my face now or ever.


Our Engagement

I've never actually seen a companion before, what should I expect?

I’m excited for you!  There’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about. 

So you’ve read through the site, you’ve screened and deposit through Emily, and we’ve set a time. The day of our engagement arrives, what happens?

I’ll send you an email the morning of our engagement (or night before if it’s an early one) confirming our time.

Before we meet, please have your cash donation ready in an unsealed envelope (cards are great, too!).

When you arrive, place it in place sight (dressers are great!) and do not speak to me about it. (If you do so, I reserve the right to leave without continuing our engagement.) If we’re out and about, simply place it on the table, or give it to me in a gift bag or book. I’ll excuse myself to the bathroom to make sure it’s fully accounted for, and then we can continue with our evening!

Then you’ll head to the bathroom to freshen up (yes, even if you showered earlier.) After that, we’ll sit down and talk, maybe with a drink and get to know each other. From then, it’s up to us what we do!

As time winds down to the end of our scheduled time, please get ready to head out and leave promptly at the end of our scheduled time. (With a hug and a kiss goodbye, of course!) 


How do overnights work (in regards to sleep)?

Firstly, I’m happy to stay with you in your room.

Also, I’m someone who requires a full uninterrupted eight hours of sleep to be well rested (trust me, you don’t want to be around me when I’m not!) 

As such, all overnight engagements require that I receive at least a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep time so that I’m bright eyed for you in the morning! 

If you want extra points for a more awake Elle, greet me in the morning with an oat milk macchiato!




Can I give you a review? Do you have reviews I can read?

As a private person who values autonomy, I have a zero review policy.  Physical beauty and sexual preferences are very personal and largely varied from person to person, so they certainly can’t be graded on a scale. To honor my privacy and that of my suitors, I prefer to keep the details of our sessions between us.

Thank you for honoring my privacy, and yours as well!

Can I give you a gift/how do you like to be spoiled?

Is there anyone who says no to that question? I adore when suitors bring me gifts, and it’s always thoroughly appreciated.

Here’s an idea of what I like! (A quick idea of what I don’t like: heels, purses..honestly, I prefer non clothing items as gifts, I’m simplifying my wardrobe!)


After Meeting

I had such an amazing time seeing you, I'd like to do so regularly. Can we set something up?

Yes! I’ve had such amazing times with regular engagements with suitors before, I decided it’s something I will always offer.

Maybe you’re too busy for traditional dating, or maybe you just want to make sure you have a standing spot in my calendar.

I love when I can devote myself more fully to someone that I see regularly, reliably, that’s interested in really getting to know me and building something beautiful. All  the benefits of having a significant other, minus the strings. The only long-term commitment is a financial one. 

If you’d like to see each other exclusively,  my website comes down and i stop seeing all other clients. That gives me and us the time to develop something completely beautiful, without the pressures of me making time for other suitors in my schedule. 

Financial terms of such arrangements are listed on my engagements page. Along with the fee, a 3 month pre-paid commitment is required as well.

If I see you out and about between engagements, can I come say hi?

While I love catching up with suitors, please respect my privacy and leave me to my solo time or private time with friends or family  and do not approach if you see me out and about between engagements. 

Can we keep in touch in between meetings? Do you text?

After we’ve had an amazing time in an engagement together, I’m happy to email time-to-time. However, I’m not one to stay attached to my phone so it will not be a constant/regular thing. The best way to stay in touch is to see me regularly in engagements!

My private phone number is given out only to those in exclusive arrangements with me. See the bottom of the engagements page for details.

Are you reference friendly?

I am! If we’ve seen each other in the last three months, feel free to send any reference requests my way.