Hi, I’m Elle.

And I think that if you’re here, there’s a bit of something missing in your life. You’re not sure what, but you know how you want to feel– refreshed and electrified like the first sip of refreshing lemonade on a hot summer’s day, held and at ease like sipping something warm under blankets while you listen to the rain fall outside your window.

That’s where I come in. Our time together will leave you feeling like you just pulled to the end of your favorite rollercoaster: a little dangerous yet still safe, where all you know at the end is how the smile won’t leave your face and you can’t wait to do it again.

I love building memories together in and out of hotels, and am the ultimate planner and adventurer: let me show you city streets, rolling hills, country highways or maybe just the curves of my waist. Rich auburn hair, a slim and toned body that looks as amazing in your sweatpants as it does in a gown for a night out, featuring tattoos that are works of art. Let’s snuggle up and turn down the lights.


At a Glance:

  • Age: mid 20’s
  • Height: 5’5″
  • 32b, dress size 2-4
  • Piercings: Nose, ears
  • Tattoos: many, a variety of large and small
  • No shaving anywhere, like a slightly more groomed version of your favorite 70’s starlet
  • Sexuality: bi (ask me about having some of my favorite playmates join us😉)

A few of my favorite things:

  • 80’s tv shows
  • Cuddles. So, so many cuddles.
  • Seeing new places and spaces nearby and around the world
  • Wearing your tshirt
  • Traveling by train
  • Iced coffee, bubble tea and hot chocolate or oolong all year round
  • Water parks, busy cities, quiet hikes
  • Kitschy over-the-top restaurants and cocktails
  • Everything horror themed


Rates- all require a 20+% deposit

  • 7000 | 24 hours
  • 5000 | 14 hour overnight
  • 3500 | 4-6 hour dinner date ** most popular
  • Also available by the hour starting at 1000

Add 300 to any date that I host

Inquire for rates of further extended, shorter dates or travel dates.

So who exactly is Elle? Well, I’m an avid lover of days out and nights in (or vice versa).

When I’m not joining you on adventures you can find me engrossed in a Stephen King novel, you may find me perusing a local museum or strolling through a farmers market. I also do a fair amount of yoga and never turn down a spa day. I love learning to cook new dishes and spending as much time in nature as I can.

I’m often told that I’m very laid-back in demeanor and personality. I’m also a conversationalist- I love a gentleman who can talk to me for hours about anything and everything, and I make an excellent sounding board.

I’m versatile, as comfortable sipping champagne with you at a charity gala as I am in pajamas marathoning Black Mirror together.

I can be summed up by ‘curious’- I’ve always been thirsty for knowledge and experiences.