How do we start?

I’m glad you’re as excited to get to know me as I am you- so why don’t you start with that? Head over to the Meet Elle page to read a little more about me, and then check out the Fine Print which you’ll want to read entirely before pondering which Engagement you’d like to plan. (If you’re really seeking to impress, check out my Spoil Me page.)

If you really want to get to know me better, feel free to peruse my Twitter or check out my Instagram.

There’s something to be said about hidden trysts.

There’s nothing quite like planning something just for you.

Long conversations and whispered secrets, warm embraces and new experiences. It could be sunset dinner before relaxing in the jacuzzi, or it could be taking cooking lessons for the first time before heading to a local movie screening.

Sometimes it’s just a glimpse encounter, sometimes it’s a full excursion. No matter what, it’s something you remember for a lifetime.

You deserve your own hidden adventure- let me be yours.