Get to know me even better:

A little introduction-

So who exactly is Elle? Currently based in Europe and London, I’m an avid lover of days out and nights in (sometimes vice versa), someone with maybe a little too much of an affinity for kitschy cafes and houseplants.


When I’m not joining you on adventures, you can find me engrossed in a Stephen King novel, perusing a local museum or trying out a fun new seasonal tasting menu out for dinner. I love long walks and never turn down a spa day. I enjoy learning to cook new dishes and spending as much time in nature as I can.


Often told that I’m very laid-back in demeanor and personality, I’m a summer afternoon: relaxing and carefree, yet energizing and full of possibility. I’m also a conversationalist- I love a gentleman who can talk to me for hours about anything and everything, and I make an excellent sounding board.

I’m versatile, as comfortable sipping champagne with you at a charity gala as I am in pajamas marathoning Black Mirror together.


Summarized in one word: ‘curious’- I’ve always been thirsty for knowledge and experiences. Being a travel companion, I get the opportunity to do that in amazing locales all over the world, with some incredible people-including you.