Looking for something a little more out of the box than a usual ‘fly me to you’? Too busy to plan something yourself? Let me take care of it for us.

      Here you’ll find many infinite options of tantalizing times we can have together. If you would like to build something off of these, that would simply be a FMTY and we can discuss pricing for that. Of course, these would all be fantastic with a friend! (or two, or three..) I have friends I’d love to join us for duo trips.

Where are you yearning to see?

Broken down by regions and then by city.

Northeastern United States

Midwest and (Mid)Southern United States

Latin America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

East Asia

Southeast Asia

Northern Africa

South-Saharan Africa


How much time do you have?

We’ll make the most of it.

A day or less

2-5 days

A week

Two weeks

What's your budget?

There’s something for everyone.

A wink

A kiss

A massage

A Tango