Spoil Me 

Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated 💛

All virtual gift cards should be sent to esassistant@protonmail.com.  If you wish to send me something physical and we have seen each other before or talked on twitter, please reach out to receive my PO box address. If we haven’t talked before, prepare to send a gift card or cash for the gift account to me so that I can feel safe in receiving. (Most wanted gifts of the moment are marked with a 🌟 next to them)

Treat Me

I am all about self care– I view as an essential, and would love if you helped me keep up the habit! You can do that with-

  • Lush gift sets or gift cards 🌟
  • SpaFinder gift cards, so that I can head to a spa wherever I’m at (alternatively, Aire gift cards are *always* loved)
  • Woodwick candles  🌟
  • Sponsor a treatment to get my lash extensions filled at my favorite lash salon. (Ask me where I like to go!)

Take Care of Me

It’s the practical stuff that’s the best. Help me furnish my apartment, get it clean, cook less meals or more with-

  • Classpass gift card so I can stay fit with fun workout classes, even during my travels 🌟
  • Handy Clean gift card for maid service so I can do a little less cleaning
  • Purple Carrot or Daily Harvest gift card so I can do a little less grocery shopping (or a Trader Joe’s gift card when I feel like venturing out- they only sell them in person so you’ll have to send the code)
  • Task Rabbit gift card so I can have someone to watch my pets while I’m gone, help assemble furniture, and way more
  • A gift card to Etsy so I can surround myself with beautiful plants or buy art! 🌟

Feed My Curiosity

I love to learn and grow constantly, whether that’s by reading, heading to lectures in new cities or checking out another museum.


The Gift  that keeps giving 🌟

love subscription boxes. Every month a little surprise to yourself that you know will always be there to perk you up? Here’s a few of my favorites I’d love if you wanted to give me a monthly surprise.

Some of my favorites

Foods- anything vegan, but I so love a good broccolini, vegan cheese plates or anything chocolate. Truffles can be an amazing gift to my heart!

Drinks- I love boba tea with every fiber of my being, along with a good matcha or macchiato. As for cordials, while I can certainly enjoy a good sauvignon blanc rosé, I prefer a mai tai or old fashioned. 

Clothing brands-  Nordstrom, Express, Lululemon or Alo Yoga

Lingerie- When we’re together, I look amazing in For Love & Lemons. When I’m lounging at home, I like to wear Tomboy X.

US Cities (besides NYC)- SF, Seattle, Savannah, Denver, San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, Portland

Help Support My Business

What is often easily forgotten is that supporting Elle takes a lot of upkeep financially. Some great gifts that can help support me are-

  • Gift cards for/cash to help me pay for ads (contact me directly for this) 🌟
  • Airline/train or hotel gift cards for touring 
  • Photoshoot sponsorships (Contact 2ndlifephoto,  Point of Vue) 🌟



I’m passionate about tech, and always have my eye on something new and exciting. Right now I’m dreaming of…

  • whichever small (13-14 inch) laptop you recommend
  • Click & Grow Smart Garden Self Watering Indoor Garden
  • Air purifiers- infinite air purifiers

If all else fails…

You can never fail to put a smile on my face with a potted plant, a box of Ferrero Rocher and an Amazon gift card.