Virtual Options-

Stuck inside? On a business trip? Unable to see me in person for some reason or another? Lucky for us, we have plenty of fun ways to stay in touch.


If you’re dreaming of..

Custom Videos or Photos

Flirty or Spicy Custom Videos or Photos 15/min of video, 10/photo Have a fantasy you’d like to see to help pass the days? I’m happy to make a custom creation for you.

A super short and fiery fling

NSFW half-hour text packages 150/half hour A half-hour of spicy words exchanged you’ll be happy prying eyes aren’t seeing. Includes a couple teasing pics/vids that will leave you wanting more.

A reassuring constant to come back to

(Almost) Unlimited Texts or Emails: 150/day, 850/6 days

Let’s check in on each other throughout the day! Expect shared pics of our meals, talk of what we’re watching on Netflix, a little bit of flirting and a whole lot of discussion. A daily selfie or two (flirty *non nude* or not),etc. (Fine print: emails will stay within the 11 am-8 pm time frame, exact response time not guaranteed, my daily schedule varies but you will get responses! This is more of a ‘catch up throughout the day’ than fast paced back and forth. Also, these-while flirty, they’re sfw emails/texts. Save the spicy talk for the text package listed in ‘a super short and fiery fling!’)

Someone to binge Outsider With

(Family friendly) Movie Watching Dates! 250/2 hours if just me, 300 if a duo or trio date.

Let’s pick a movie and watch it together through Netflix with Friends (or Rabbit if it’s not on Netflix), discussing it throughout! I’m definitely a talker in movies, and love horror- do this if you’re fine with me jumping when the demon pops out! You (or we) pick the movie. This can also be made into a duo or group date with my friends Wendy Byrd and Arielle Ivy (or someone of your choosing)

Your Mario Kart downfall

(Family friendly) Video Game Dates! 150/2 hours (+ fee for game if I don’t have it/it’s untorrentable)

Let’s pick a game and play together while we video or in-game chat! I have Switch and some PC as options. (Unless you wish to purchase me another console.) Some of my favorite options? Mario Kart (or Mario Party), Slenderman, Amnesia, Minecraft, and more!

Fine print: I will not be showing my face in any of this content. All must be prepaid. Please read and follow the time expectations as far as times for texting/emails and whether the options are family-friendly or nsfw.

Looking for something in person? Check out the engagements page.