It’s hard to narrow down what dates I’ve been dreaming up most, but after five incredible years as Elle, I think I have an idea of what I want 2023 to hold in store for me!

Check out the list below!

And if you’re overwhelmed by the possibility of a FMTY, I’ve got your back! As a long-time travel companion with more than a few FMTY under my belt now (see a few of my favorites listed here) and having a whole a blog series about them, I’m here and ready to help out! Check out FMTY 101 here for your full start-to-finish guide!

Want to read about more of my favorite dates? Check out my twitter, or see a list of my favorites here.



Top 10 dream dates for 2023

Paris → Budapest on the Orient Express

Snuggling up in the bed of our private cabin as we take in the sights out our window, sharing multi-course dinners in the dining car, and then enjoying the sights of Budapest after arrival if we wish!

I love train travel in general and would love their other routes, too! If we’re not feeling Europe, Japan’s Train Suite Shiki-shima and South Africa’s Rovos Rail are also at the top of my list.

A duo or trio FMTY to Vegas

I’ve never had the honor of going to Vegas as an adult! And while I adore down-to-earth dates, camping and cozy movie marathons with pizza on the couch, I also enjoy over-the-top luxury. I imagine myself and a friend or two cheering you on (and competing with you) at The Wynn or The Venetian, donning beautiful gowns before retiring to our soaking tub in the hotel suite (like this one). Another of my favorite hobbies is magic shows, so we’d have to take in one or more of those!

Cirque du Soleil

In relation to Vegas, another bucket list item I haven’t been able to check off yet!

Japan FMTY

Japan has always been one of my dream destinations, full of gorgeous nature, kitschy love hotels (like the heart-shaped and haunted castle ones I’ve enjoyed), fun animal cafes and more!

Bob Ross recreation painting date

Either at home or at a paint and sip, it’s always been a daydream of mine to settle in with a good drink, one of his tutorials and a canvas to see what we get up to! And afterwards, maybe we can paint each other😉

The Alchemist tasting menu in Copenhagen

It’s no secret that I *love* tasting menus, and also amazingly excessive presentation in my restaurants. A mix of physical spaces throughout the night while you try almost 50 different things, with beautiful presentation and social commentary throughout. Also, rated #18 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for a reason! Tickets are released three months at a time and sell out quickly, so be quick to prebook your date for this one!

Full franchise movie marathon (think Scream, Halloween, etc)

I adore the thought of us snuggled up in bed to watch a full horror movie franchise from beginning to end (with a couple fun breaks for meals and…other activities😉 in between), with coordinating snacks and maybe a drinking game! This would be a really fun duo/group date as well.

Fun conventions and festivals (where we dress up accordingly):

Mothman Festival, Cannes Film Fest, a Comic Con, Frightfest, etc

I’ve had so much fun at convention dates and festivals- board games, film, horror, renaissance and more! While I love diving full into things of my interest (such as the above), even for things I”m new to exploring, being in a space with people so passionate about a hobby is a blast! Especially if we can go all in with coordinating outfits. The above are a few I’ve wanted to check out, but I’m up for almost any!

Halloween Horror Nights

I’m obsessed with haunted houses and haunted house dates! I’m a switch in the haunting season- we’ll take turns with who holds each other while we’re in the spooky houses, right?😝 I’ve been blessed to have been taken to Hollywood Horror Nights once, and I’ve been daydreaming since of coming back! In addition to the Hollywood location, there are also locations in Florida, Japan and Singapore


Lake retreat

Growing up in the south, I had so many fun days on the lake and I want more! I picture the two of us (me in your favorite bikini) sipping some ice cold lemonade on the dock before tubing!

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