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I adore traveling and seeing the world and I am lucky enough to be in a position where I get invited by lovers to join them on their adventures. But for many, the mystery of FMTY remains.

Whether you’ve felt intimidated scrolling through Twitter and seeing your favorite companions swept away to tropical locales and wished it could be you doing the sweeping, or if your favorite companion lives on the other side of the world, you might wonder what exactly the possibilities are.

So we’ll start from the beginning: What exactly is a FMTY? Here are some common acronyms you’ll see when discussing these types of bookings.

FMTY stands for Fly Me To You – at the base of it, this is a booking where a companion of your choice travels to you in a different city than they’re based in. It might be the city where you’re based, a city where you’re going on a business trip, or a different city altogether that you’ve wanted to visit!

TMTY stands for Train Me To You- the same general principle as a FMTY, but with the companion arriving via train. Often used (at least in my case) for cities that are a few hours or less away by train. For example, my favorite TMTY lately have been to Philly, DC, and Nyack!

FYTM stands for Fly You To Me- where the client flies themselves to the city the companion is in, rather than vice versa

So: why would and wouldn’t you want to book a FMTY? Pros and Cons

FMTY dates are a wonderful way to have the companion of your daydreams accompany you, whether that be in your home city for a day/overnight date, a mini vacation or an extended trip, or perhaps on a business trip.



Pro: Not into solo travel? FMTY is a great solution! (Also, language help!)

Booking a FMTY can alleviate the often daunting and sometimes isolating prospect of traveling alone! They offer the chance to have shared experiences- for example, a vacation to the Maldives as a solo traveler might seem like the perfect escape from the world, but the joy of having someone to enjoy romantic sunset dinners with while the waves lap around your feet in the warm white sands shouldn’t be missed.

Want to share your bucket list with someone else? Seeing the northern lights on a cool winter’s day in Iceland or feeling the warm waters of the ocean while you dive through Australia’s coral reefs can be even more special when you’re checking it off with someone else. For example, while my client had always daydreamed of exploring Portugal’s capital Lisbon, he was too nervous to try it on his own- conquering it together made every day a more relaxing adventure.

Wanting to visit somewhere where languages outside of your fluent one(s) can help? Bringing a companion that is sufficient or fluent in multiple can make it a much more enjoyable vacation! (Avoid the tourist traps) For example, I’m conversational in Spanish, and one of my favorite Twitter beauties Josi Qu has discussed being fluent in Cantonese.



Con: Higher cost (solutions below as well!)

There’s no doubt that travel dates are often higher cost! Let’s not sugarcoat it, the rates are higher. The main reason for this is that when a companion travels for a FMTY date they are having to travel out of their area, and potentially rearrange current dates they may have scheduled as well as their personal schedule, which means missing out on income and other important things at home.

Traveling is also tiring, no matter how much the companion loves to travel, as I do, it’s still exhausting catching flights and long train rides, especially if like me, they may have chronic pain and/or fatigue. You’re accounting for the time spent to and from the airport/train station/driving, and in transit as well! Therefore, there’s almost always a period of downtime needed afterward, and downtime = no local dates for that duration, which means a loss of income. In addition to travel costs, which may for many of us include first-class necessities (with my fibromyalgia, flights or trains over a couple of hours can put me in a lot of extra lasting discomfort if I don’t have full space to stretch out and rest!), etc.

But there’s a solution to this! While there’s a chance that without some extra savings, a FMTY may be out of your budget, there are ways to cut down the cost. I have a whole post here on this topic you can read here.

Pro: Making business trips enjoyable

Business trips often mean being stuck in a hotel, not seeing the city you are staying in, and being about one thing only…business. That can get depressing, boring and eventually can truly soil travel for you! Taking a companion with you on these trips has many advantages:

If you’re needing discretion, it means you can freely see your dream companion without worrying about being caught out.

After a long tiring day of meetings, you may feel low and bored. But with a companion, you have someone to greet you at the hotel at the end of the day, wearing just a smile. Someone to go out to dinner with to keep you from the repetition of ordering room service alone in your room once again. Despite being there for work reasons, you can create a mini vacation, creating memories in cities you wouldn’t normally get to experience. Without the pressure to plan it yourself, the companion can find restaurants and attractions, spas, and more for you to experience in your off-hours.

Companions can help you see your business trips in a whole new light. Imagine, you share breakfast with the woman of your dreams, and then whilst you go off to deal with business affairs, she takes herself off for the day, fully able to look after herself without you feeling guilty.

When you return, she is there waiting for you, the bathtub for two running and ready to sink in together. Together you unwind after a busy day, before getting dressed up and heading out to dinner and an evening of exploring the nightlife. It’s no longer just a business trip; it’s a vacation with some business thrown in for good measure.

Pro: Not constrained to seeing companions that live in or visit your city

Live somewhere far off normal tour routes? Did your favorite companion move to another continent? (😉) With FMTY dates, you’re not constrained based on who lives in or regularly tours your city.

I know of companions in London who are flown to Paris, Spain, and the Caribbean to name but a few because they have a special relationship with their suitors. They are flown a few times a year for a long weekend, or longer to catch up and spend some quality time together ❤️ Special bonds are formed between clients and companions, and it’s a shame to lose those if it’s not necessary.

 Pro: Lifelong memories and checked-off bucket lists

In my opinion, life should be about making memories and sharing laughter along the way, without feeling the need to wait for the ‘right time.’

Despite the costs, the pros of FMTY/TMTY travel dates far outweigh the cons. As life gets more and more hectic, we’re finding new ways to relax and let our hair down. FMTY dates have never been more popular, a necessary indulgence in a world that lives at 100 miles per hour.

Have a business trip or vacation coming up yourself?

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