The Process

So- you’ve decided that you want to set a date! I’m as excited as you are. Now, where to start?

Well, you’ll start by handling screening, deposits and scheduling with my assistant Emily. I’m a busy person who values my free time, and this ensures I can spend that time relaxing as I choose and focusing on my favorite parts of companionship (time in person with you) rather than the parts I like less (admin work) . I’m also very choosy and am primarily a dining and travel type companion. I choose to keep my circle small, and only see a few suitors per month. I most enjoy time with men who are patient and looking for something more substantial than just a roll-in-the-hay.

Having an assistant that handles initial communication makes sure that I can save the spare time I’d spend screening suitors, talking schedules or receiving deposits and makes sure I can focus that time on my career, school, or relaxing with family and friends.  After Emily handles initial screening/scheduling and receives your deposit, she passes you on to me and we can talk from there!

Thanks for understanding- fill out the information below and Emily will be in touch via email. 

Required Screening Information- email with-

  1. Your full legal name and age.
  2. Your phone number (no VOIPS allowed)
  3. Your Twitter username if you have a client Twitter. 
  4. Your home city
  5. Where/when you’re hoping to see me (what date and time? What city? A hotel of your choice or something I book?)
  6. How long of an engagement you’d like to see me for
  7. A picture of you holding your legal id
  8. The links to the websites/ads of at least two companion reference you’ve seen in the last three months, so I may contact them for reference.
  9. If not #8, your employment information – Employer Name/Company Name, Your Position/Title, Company Website, Main Telephone Line, Your Direct Line, your LinkedIn url and a valid reason for calling.
  10. What payment method you’ll be using for your engagement deposit fee. (I have cash app primarily, and occasionally will offer Amazon or Visa gc as an option)
  11. Where did you find me at? (Tryst/Slixa? Client Referral? Twitter? etc)
  12. A bit about yourself! What do you think is important for me to know about you?

Remember to keep your message safe for work/completely appropriate, or it will be ignored. Also to make sure you answer fully! Verification/screening and deposits are mandatory if you’d like to see me. As soon as you get that all sent over to Emily, if it’s thorough and she verifies your screening she’ll message back with a confirmation of my schedule and get your deposit sent over. When that’s done with, she’ll pass you over to my email and we can truly start getting to know each other!

I look forward to beginning something beautiful together.