You did it- you sent the companion you’ve been daydreaming of on Twitter for years an email asking about a FlyMeToYou! Next month, a week in Vegas, and you can’t stop smiling..until she replies with the custom rate, and it’s 3x what you’d budgeted 😬 What now?

(Firstly, if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say FMTY, read this post!)

Facing sticker shock with FMTY? While there’s only so much that can be avoided, there are ways to help make your dream a more affordable reality, that many gents don’t often think of! Note that here I speak primarily for myself here- every provider is different.


Steps to more affordably book a FMTY date


  • Check the providers’ travel policy

    . Some providers are happy to fly out for simply an extra add-on fee no matter the trip, and some are okay to cover the travel cost, while others require you to cover the full travel fee for travel.


  • Prebook well in advance, in ‘off seasons’ for the location you’re looking to travel to, and avoid holidays.

    The closer to the date you’re hoping for the companion to join you for that you reach out, the higher the rate may often be! They’ll have more things to move around in their schedule, and flights/hotels will cost more. Think about location ‘off-seasons’ as well- flights and hotels for the Bahamas will be cheaper in the fall than in December, and Singapore will be more affordable to visit in the summer. Avoid holidays if you’re looking to cut costs, as they’re often more expensive both for flights and the provider will have more to rearrange in their personal and work schedule to make the trip work!

  • Have them join you on a business trip, and book them a separate room.

    If you’re going to be busy most of the day, and they’ll be sleeping on their own at night (guaranteed snore-free, and space for their full morning routines!), there will often be a lower rate to compensate for more alone time on their own to explore and rest on their own, and the restful sleep.

  • Inquire about a sponsored tour.

    Many providers offer a ‘sponsored tour’, where instead of charging the travel fees and extra fee due to the trip, they simply require that you book them for a minimum amount of time and either prepay in full or a larger deposit than usual. This is most often only offered for major cities and in the country the provider is based in, as well as far in advance, check if their website has details listed.

 Go visit the companion yourself, or meet somewhere in the middle!

Even with all of the above, depending on your budget, there is an unfortunate chance that you may simply not be able to afford a FMTY, or the one you’re picturing. So, while you’re saving up, why not fly yourself to the companion’s city and visit them directly there? You’d be booking at their normal rates, and have a lovely vacation in the mean time. You can also meet in the middle and suggest somewhere close to them- maybe a 2 hour train away rather than a 5 hour flight. You can still have an incredible trip, and the shorter travel time means a lower rate for you.

Have a business trip or vacation coming up yourself?

Why not reach out to discuss further, I’d love to accompany you❤️ or

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