The Perfect Beginning

The beginning of something beautiful together- let’s catch a local movie or meet for a farm-to-table-dinner..then head back inside for dessert.
3 Hours : 2000

The Adventure Continues

Let’s plan out something special- a few hours at the spa before brunch, a hike before washing up to go head out to a pri-fixe dinner. No matter what we do, we’ll have as much fun outdoors as we do in.
6 Hours: 3000



Waking Up Next to You

An exciting outdoor adventure before snuggling up inside for the night…and then waking up to a good morning kiss and breakfast in bed. Maybe we head out to a show, dinner and a speakeasy before falling asleep in each others’ arms. We’ll grab breakfast at a local cafe before our “see you soon” kiss.
14 hour overnight: 4000

An All Day Experience

Enough time to fully get to know each other- brunch at the farmer’s market, a day at the Natural History Museum, a rooftop tasting menu before a bubble bath in our soaking tub. Being awoken to the sunlight streaming on my curves, and then a little more…
24 hours: 5500

Hourly Rates

(a 20% deposit is required for any/all dates)

1 hour: 800

90 minutes: 1200

2 hours: 1600

3 hours: 2000

4 hours: 2500

6 hours: 3000

14 hour overnight: 4000

24 hours: 5500

2+ Day / Travel to You rates: Bespoke pricing

+300 if I host


In a lovely hotel room you book, of course! (I don’t visit private residences) I prefer to visit you, but I can arrange a hotel room for us for an extra $300 to cover the room if you’d rather me host. For more extended dates, if it’s an (approved by me) airbnb or rental space such as a lovely log cabin in the mountains, you (or I, if the fee to book is sent) can stay in one of those as well.

As for cities: I’m always happy to bounce around locally for places close to me to see new friends! In addition to NYC availability when I’m home, I’m free allll around places within 4 hours direct train or car from NYC! All that’s required is a minimum booking amount to account from my travel. Reach out to find out my booking minimum for different cities at this time.

For places further, I’m always happy to come visit you (or a city or country of our choosing) for a ‘Fly Me To You’ date: pricing is bespoke to cover travel fees and time/energy getting there, along with varying on the time/location/activities etc. See more details on my “Travel/Sponsor a Tour” page.


Duos / Longer Dates/Sleep time

Duo pricing: I love duos, and have many friends I’m happy to have join us, along with being happy to join an established companion of your choosing! Duos are rate matched to the higher rate among us to ensure all parties are compensated fairly. (For example, if someone is joining us for two hours and her two hour rate is lower than mine, we will both be paid my rate. If I’m joining you for an overnight and her overnight rate is higher than mine, we will both be paid her rate)

Out of Bedroom Time/Overnights: All engagements 3 hours or longer require at least an hour or two spent outside of the room (or longer for longer bookings) so that we can fully get to know each other outside of the bedroom as well. Engagements 24 hours or longer require at least 2 hours of alone time for me per day.

Overnights/sleep time: All overnights require at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and I request that if it is our first overnight together, if you snore or aren’t okay with my noise machine etc, we have separate bedrooms so that we may both awaken well requested.

For more information, check out the FAQ/Fine Print page.