Rate List

(a 25+% deposit is required for any/all local dates, with a 50% deposit + travel costs required for travel dates)

  • 7 days/1 week: Custom price depending on dates, place, activities planned, etc
  • 5 days: Custom price depending on dates, place, activities planned, etc
  • 3 days: 17,000 
  • 2 days: 13,000 
  • 36 hours/1.5 days: 9,000 
  • 24 hour full day: 6500
  • 14-hour overnight: 4000
  • 6 hours: 4000
  • 4 hours: 3000 
  • 3 hours: 2000 =
  • 2 hours: 1600 touring, 1400 Seattle
  • 90 minutes: 1200 touring, 1000 Seattle
  • 1 hr: 800 touring, 600 Seattle
  • If I host, extra 400-500 added to total/deposit for touring, or an extra 300 for Seattle

Travel Dates/FMTY

If you couldn’t guess by my photoshoots done everywhere from Tokyo to Iceland, my six months lived in Western Europe this year, my cute FMTY pics on twitter or the FMTY Blog Series , I love travel- especially with you! Whether I’m joining you on a business trip, checking out your hometown, hitting up a convention or exploring the world together, our memories spent will last a lifetime. 

I’m passport-ready and available almost anywhere worldwide! A minimum date length + travel fee to cover my flights/etc set the rate.  Travel dates require an upfront 50% of the total due to book. Want a different date length than what’s listed? Unsure which region your trip falls in? Reach out and Sam will clarify!

West Coast: 4 hr minimum + travel 
Southwest/Midwest and South: 14 hr minimum + travel
East Coast: 14 hr minimum+ travel
Intercontinental (Other countries in North America): 24 hr minimum + travel
International (continents outside of North America): 2 day minimum + travel

Want to know more about FMTY? Check out my blog series on them here featuring posts about FMTY 101, Business Trips, Cost Saving, Convention Dates, and More


In a lovely hotel room you book, of course! (I don’t visit private residences) I prefer to visit you, but I can arrange a hotel room for us for an extra $400 (*$500 for December dates) to cover the room if you’d rather me host. For more extended dates, if it’s an (approved by me) airbnb or rental space such as a lovely log cabin in the mountains, you (or I, if the fee to book is sent) can stay in one of those as well.

Away from posted tours, I’m always happy to come visit you (or a city or country of our choosing) for a ‘Fly/Train Me To You’ date: Whether you just want a kiss and a smile to be waiting for you in your hotel room after a day full of meetings on a business trip, or someone to help you check off your bucket list vacation of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, I’m your gal! Pricing is bespoke to cover travel fees and time/energy getting there, along with varying on the time/location/activities etc. See more details on my “Travel/Sponsor a Tour” page.


Duos / Couples/Longer Dates/Sleep time

Duo pricing: I love duos, and have many friends I’m happy to have join us, along with being happy to join an established companion of your choosing! Duos are rate matched to the higher rate among us to ensure all parties are compensated fairly. (For example, if someone is joining us for two hours and her two hour rate is lower than mine, we will both be paid my rate. If I’m joining you for an overnight and her overnight rate is higher than mine, we will both be paid her rate)

Couples: I love seeing couples! Whether it’s your first time having someone join you or your 30th, getting to know you both is such a highlight for me. The rate for couples is +200/hr.

Out of Bedroom Time/Overnights: All engagements 3 hours or longer require at least an hour or two spent outside of the room (or longer for longer bookings) so that we can fully get to know each other outside of the bedroom as well. Engagements 24 hours or longer also require at least 2 hours of alone time for me per day.

Overnights/sleep time: All overnights require at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and I request that if it is our first overnight together, if you snore or aren’t okay with my noise machine etc, we have separate bedrooms so that we may both awaken well rested.

For more information, check out the FAQ/Fine Print page.