Local (NY and Jersey) and Touring (+Philadelphia & Boston and cities within 3 hours of NYC)

If I’m touring or- Engagements local to NYC or within 45 minutes of Montclair, New Jersey.

For clients in Philadelphia, Boston or any city located within three hours or less of NYC by direct train, I’m available for meetings of four hours or more without an extra travel fee.

Note that all engagements 4 hours or longer require at least a 2 hour outing so that we can fully get to know each other outside of the bedroom as well, and that all overnights require at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Engagements 24 hours or longer require at least 2 hours of alone time per day.

For more information about that, travel dates, duos and more, check out the FAQ/Fine Print page. All dates require a 20% deposit.

Captivating Weekend (48H) 7050 your place or mine
What we do is up to us, it’s time to get bold and curious.

+4000 per extra day up to 5 days. Inquire for rates on 5+ day excursions.

An All Day Experience (24H) 5050 your place or mine
Enough time to fully get to know each other- breakfast in bed, a day at the museums, night at a Michelin before truly seeing each other, and being awoken to the sunlight streaming on my curves.

Waking Up Next to You (14H) 3550 your place or mine
An exciting outdoor adventure before snuggling up inside for the night…and then waking up to a good morning kiss and breakfast in bed.

A Blissful Escape from 9-5 (8H) 3050 your place or mine

8 hours in the office? Or 8 hours with me? We can head to a baseball game before marathoning Netflix, or we can take a tour of every science museum in town before making some sweet chemistry ourselves.

The Adventure Continues (6H) 2650 your place or mine
Let’s plan out something really special- a few hours at the spa before brunch, checking out the local farmers market before a hike or a day at the theater. No matter what we do, we’ll have as much fun outdoors as we do in.

The Perfect Beginning (4H) 2050 your place or mine *most popular
The beginning of something beautiful together- let’s catch a local movie or meet for a farm-to-table-dinner..then head back inside for dessert.

Just The Appetizer (2H) 1650 your place/1850 mine

Let’s start to get to know each other- the perfect time for a massage and a nice glass of chardonnay. (** this is the suggestion for new friends)

A little longer (1.5H) 1250 your place/1450 mine
Sometimes you just need an extended lunch break (**minimum for couples)

Just a Tryst (1H) 750 your place/950 mine

For those fast-paced days when you just need a little pick-me up. I’ll be your breath of fresh air.

Couples +200/hr

Duos/trios/etc- Rate matching requested to the higher rate among the two of us. (For example, if my listed 2 hour rate is higher than their listed rate, you will pay both of us my listed rate. And vice versa if my partner has the higher rate.)


I’m an explorer who loves to see near or far, and am always happy to check new cities, states and countries off my bucket list!

My rates for travel are bespoke depending on many factors, but reach out with what you have in mind and let’s make something beautiful to fill our days☺

Sponsor a Tour

If I’m not based/touring your area, you live in a major city, and flying me to you isn’t available, inquire about this option. No extra travel fees, simply a minimum hour booking (hour minimum varies depending on where you’re based) and I’ll travel to you and organize a tour around our visit. I’m not always available for this with my schedule, but sometimes can make it work!